About this blog

This blog is a creative outlet for me to muse about cities. Although the title implies economics is the main theme, it’s actually much broader than that (or less focused if you’re critical). I am interested in a wide range of issues that impact, and are relevant to, cities, their residents, and their leaders. I can’t claim to be an economist but find economic principles and ideas a very useful lens to look at many of these issues. I’ll also seek to borrow and apply ideas from other disciplines (particularly in the social science and public policy realms).

About me

My name is Matt Eldridge. I’m an urban dweller and city lover, born in Washington, D.C. and with a great love for this city I call home (which will become quickly apparent to anyone who reads this blog). After working at the World Bank and at a public policy consulting firm, I landed at my current job, at the Urban Institute, which allows me to interact and learn from some of the smartest social science researchers I’ve ever encountered. (If you’re interested in my work bio, click here).

I earned both of my degrees in international development (BA at Virginia Tech and MS at London School of Economics) and have a continuing interest in ideas (big and small) that impact poverty, inequality, productivity, innovation, and social mobility.

In cities I find inspiration, energy, ideas, and happiness and, as humanity becomes increasingly urbanized, cities are where solutions will increasingly be born and applied.

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